Cloud Storage Wars – Fight Night

Cloud Storage Wars – Fight Night will see two cloud storage giants, AWS and Wasabi Cloud Storage, go head-to-head in a no holds barred live boxing match. Our two boxers will each represent Wasabi and AWS respectively, and will fight to the death with inflatable boxing gloves, to see which storage provider will upload their data fastest. Think of any brilliantly cringe-worthy American game-show you’ve ever seen, complete with large red buzzer and giant timer for comedic effect!

The loser will be fired Lord Sugar style, and hopefully ridiculed in front of our attendees! It will be a visual, fun and unique way to compare the two providers, when we carry out the live data upload test. We have a feeling that Wasabi will emerge victorious, their storage capabilities are quite impressive – a fraction of the price of Amazon’s and much, much faster.

Thanks to all things GDPR, data is now more topical than ever before. We designed this seminar to touch upon this topic, and to showcase the major players in the cloud storage provider world. With visual examples and live demos, we’re hoping that our Fight Night will be educational, with a focus on speed and price, while introducing new players and serious contenders to the game.

We will welcome experts from the Wasabi team, while subjectively comparing and contrasting its services and offerings against AWS. Expert Q & A’s will finish off the evening, in our funky venue, in central London.

A final agenda, list of speakers and times will soon be posted here, stay tuned!

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