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Recently, we heard about a cloud storage company that is taking on leading giant Amazon S3, in terms of speed and price. This company, Wasabi, is actually 1/5th the price and 6x faster than Amazon S3! Of course, we were immediately interested in finding out more, who wouldn’t be? Especially when we heard who was behind Amazon’s biggest competition. Wasabi was co-founded by Cloud Storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, the founders of Carbonite, the world’s leading provider of simple and affordable backup. So, what exactly is it?

More about Wasabi

  • Breaking with the norm, Wasabi shed the old-fashioned storage tiers and complex pricing schemes we have become accustomed to, to provide an easy cost-effective experience.

  • They’re democratising cloud storage, by making it more accessible to everyone. Their storage is much faster than S3 and much cheaper than both S3 and Glacier.

  • Wasabi have begun a revolution, redefining the industry standards for price and performance. Their mission?To commoditize cloud storage. Their theory is that cloud storage should be like electricity, just part of the infrastructure that everyone takes for granted. It needs to be inexpensive, fast, secure, and able to meet the compliance needs of HIPAA, FINRA, CJIS, etc. They’re also big believers in immutability. Commodities need to conform to standards, so Wasabi made their storage 100% bit-compliant with the Amazon S3 interface, since it is as close to a standard as exists in the object storage world. They have created a new generation of cloud storage, that is less than 1/5th the cost of Amazon S3 and more than 6x the speed. Wasabi saw an opportunity to build a great company, which changes the economics of cloud storage. Inspired by stories such as Nucor taking on US Steel, MCI taking on AT&T, or Apple taking on IBM, they decided to take on the giant that is Amazon. When a disruptive technology comes along, it’s hard for incumbents to respond. Team Wasabi believe that scale works against them, rather than for them. At their previous company Carbonite, Wasabi found that when much larger rivals ceded market to them, it wasn’t because they couldn’t produce a competitive product, but because they had to protect their margins and business model. If you try Wasabi storage, you’ll see that they run circles around any others when it comes to speed, price, security, and ease-of-use, while still maintaining the same 11 “9s” of durability that you get from slower, much higher priced services like Amazon S3. If this has peaked your curiosity, or if you have any questions about the company, you can visit their website here.

  • Wasabi storage costs a flat $.0039/GB/Month with a 1 TB minimum usage. The only other thing they charge for is data OUT to the Internet, which is $.04/GB (or $0/GB via Wasabi Direct Connect). No nickel-and-diming you with extra API call charges for PUT, GET, DELETE and other operations. We, for one, are huge fans. Stay tuned for lots of exiting Wasabi updates in the near future.


TrustMe™ is a public blockchain solutions company, providing open standard blockchain platforms, applications and services to industry, government and consumers. Team Frontier have always had a keen interest in cryptocurrencies, we're excited to have connected with TrustMe over the last number of months. Their working on some fresh ideas, transforming the way we all think about currency, money and real estate. We're expecting great things from them.

More About TrustMe

  • Skilled at designing, delivering and operating software engines, utilising blockchain messaging, storage and blockchain contracts (‘smart contracts’), to transform legacy workflow processes into fast, efficient and more secure blockchain enabled processes and systems.

  • The current process for securely transferring the ownership or control of assets (such as real estate, financial instruments and physical goods), results in unnecessary costs, inefficiencies and delays that often require multiple layers of processes and the costly use of intermediaries.

  • Trust is the cornerstone of all transactions and trust typically can only be achieved by providing identity. Normally, this has been done with paper documents, identification via trusted 3rd party services, or by self-identification. The costs of this depend on the value of the assets involved and the certainty of the identity and trust that may be required from both parties. Traditionally this process can take anywhere from a single day to many weeks to complete.

  • TrustMe™’s blockchain engine technology allows for the deployment of a trusted 3rd party platform, where transactions are conducted and recorded on blockchains using pre-configured and automated blockchain contracts (‘smart contracts’). Their technology can provide for the rapid deployment of blockchain enabled, asset trading platforms for real estate properties, equities, bonds, debt instruments and for use within existing and new supply chains.