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Our Next Seminar June 26th:

We are hosting an AI Seminar, focusing on new and emerging technologies next month! Stay tuned for speaker announcements and an in-depth agenda…

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Cloud Storage Wars Fight Night – Round 2!

Back by popular demand, after Wasabi’s victory in February, we will again host a ‘boxing’ match between AWS and up-and-comer Wasabi.

Over 2 rounds, we will be pitting the public storage titan AWS, against the newcomer and challenger to the title, Wasabi. We will again be measuring their speeds to upload, speeds to access and use, as well as costs, with each storage provider represented by a boxer! Both rounds will be timed and displayed on a large screen, with the length of each round corresponding to the time each data upload takes. The last battle saw Wasabi emerge as the clear winner, uploading data to the Wasabi data centre much faster that AWS! Will we see the same result this time around? Come along to find out!

Following on from the cloud storage rematch of the century, we will then hear from Dishan Francis, Frontier’s own Microsoft MVP and established author, who will be giving a short presentation on cloud migration. More specifically, he’ll talk us through what to avoid and look out for, in order to successfully migrate to public cloud environments.

So, if you think you’re paying too much for your Public Cloud storage, and you probably are, then this event is unmissable. Similarly, if you’re migrating to a public cloud provider, then you simply need to attend!

Seminar Themes

Data, data governance and data security, are arguably the most talked about things this month with the GDPR deadline fast approaching. We decided to help. Why pay a fortune for your cloud storage using AWS? We have found a solution to save you hassle, time and money. With visual examples and live demos, experts from the Wasabi team, expert Q & A’s, and of course some networking and drinks, this is an event not to be missed.

Come along to the rematch cloud storage battle – Tues May 29th, 6.00pm @ Core Bar, EC4N 1TX.


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Previous Seminars

Trading Crypto

Money makes the world go round (in case you hadn’t noticed), and we wanted our March seminar to reflect just that. What with the massive global influx of crypto-currencies, we began thinking about how money, currency and trading has changed over the years.

We went from simple old-school bartering commodities, to the madness that is Wall Street, to the explosion of online currencies. Our event will take you through the history of money, and delve into crypto in thorough detail. By the end of the night, you’ll hopefully be able to create your own currency at home, who knows, you may even make a little money. We’ll have a special guest speaker in attendance, somebody who is an expert in crytpo and online trading. It’s sure to be an interesting discussion, an event not to be missed.


Our speaker is from TrustMe, they specialise in designing, developing and delivering high performance blockchain engines. In a nutshell, their technology can provide for the rapid deployment of blockchain enabled asset trading platforms, for real estate properties, equities, bonds, debt instruments and for use within existing and new supply chains. He’s going to give us great insight into how real estate and blockchain may soon be hand-in-hand.

Through our seminars, we aim to create tech events with a twist. Instead of run-of-the-mill stuffy power point centric events, we strive to break from the norm and mix fun with facts. We often start off with a tech themed sketch, it’s really fun for us because we get to make a fool of some of the guys here in the office! This aside, we do ensure we put our money where our mouth is (pardon the pun), and follow up with some facts and figures.

Come along to immerse yourself in Crypto – Tues Feb 27th, 6.00pm @ Core Bar, EC4N 1TX.


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Cloud Storage Wars Fight Night

Cloud Storage Wars – Fight Night will see two cloud storage giants, AWS and Wasabi Cloud Storage, go head-to-head in a no holds barred live boxing match.

Our two boxers will each represent Wasabi and AWS respectively, and will fight to the death with inflatable boxing gloves, to see which storage provider will upload their data fastest. Think of any brilliantly cringe-worthy American game-show you’ve ever seen, complete with large red buzzer and giant timer for comedic effect!

The loser will be fired Lord Sugar style, and hopefully ridiculed in front of our attendees! It will be a visual, fun and unique way to compare the two providers, when we carry out the live data upload test. We have a feeling that Wasabi will emerge victorious, their storage capabilities are quite impressive – a fraction of the price of Amazon’s and much, much faster.

Seminar Themes

Thanks to all things GDPR, data is now more topical than ever before. We designed this seminar to touch upon this topic, and to showcase the major players in the cloud storage provider world. With visual examples and live demos, we’re hoping that our Fight Night will be educational, with a focus on speed and price, while introducing new players and serious contenders to the game. We will welcome experts from the Wasabi team, while subjectively comparing and contrasting its services and offerings against AWS. Expert Q & A’s will finish off the evening, in our funky venue, in central London.

Come along to the cloud storage battle – Tues Feb 27th, 6.00pm @ Core Bar, EC4N 1TX.


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Frontier FutureTech Seminar Launch

Capturing trends, keeping up to date with tech evangelists and discovering disruptive technologies, are just some of our passions here at Frontier Technology.

Similarly, we aim to keep our finger on the pulse of emerging and growing technology companies. This intro seminar does exactly what it says on the tin – provides an overview of future technology trends, focusing on topics that we can expect to see a lot more of in 2018 and beyond. We aim to create an open forum, so that our attendees and speakers alike can freely communicate, share ideas and have a lively and interesting debate. We will also run through our topics, themes and speakers that we have lined up across the six-month seminar series.

Seminar Overview

With a presentation made up of quirky, innovative new consumer tech items introduced with great video examples, this is sure to be a must-see event. Café-style seating and an informal setting, will ensure attendees will feel comfortable, engaged and welcome. Q and As will be more than encouraged! To find out more about Frontier Technologyplease click here.

Come along to our Launch Night – Tues Feb 27th, 6.00pm @ Core Bar, EC4N 1TX.


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